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3RDGEN Plumbing and Heating

Logo Design

Skills Needed

3RDGEN Plumbing & Heating was a new business in North Bay Ontario offering Residential/Commercial/Emergency Plumbing Services.  As a New Business, our first step was to create a Brand for 3RDGEN Plumbing.  Effective Marketing came up with a few concepts and with some minor tweaks finalized on a logo. It is essential for very new business to at least have Business Cards for Leave Behind Marketing Materials.  

The next order of Business was Marketing.  Effective Marketing Designed a Billboard that is currently up for Display on Hwy 17E as you come into North Bay from Sturgeon Falls (2019).

The Website:

  • is Search Engine Optimized (SEO) for Result Pages. 
  • Optimized for keywords pertaining to their plumbing services
  • Has Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to assist with both promoting the business and the website.  These are the Ads appearing throughout Google and Google Display Partners.

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3RDGEN Plumbing and Heating Business Cards

Business Cards

3RDGEN Plumbing and Heating Billboard

Billboard Design

3RDGEN Plumbing and Heating Website Design

Website Design

Strong Brands

We at Effective Marketing know Brands, and Maintaining Brands.  Effective Marketing Design Team can create eye catching and Effective Designs that will keep you Ahead of your Competition

Excellent Results

We at Effective Marketing know Brands, and Maintaining Brands

3RDGEN Plumbing has made Googles First Page organically within a month for numerous keywords that we optimized for.

3RDGEN Plumbing has an active Facebook Page that continues to grow.

If you are in need of a plumber, Contact 3RDGEN Today!

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