That’s right! In 2018, the Internet became the King of Content.  How many times have you used google search?  What were you searching for? More information on a product or service? Do-It-Yourself information? Finding someone local that offers what you need? Are you price shopping and looking for deals? No matter what your searching for, there will be results that can give you the answers to your questions.  So, which results are you going to click on? There are a few advertisements at the top, then followed by a long list of pages deemed relevant to your topic.  Many studies show searchers will find their answers within the first page of results or they will refine their search to be more specific.  Is your business providing the answers?  When people search for your products and services, is your website showing up on the first page? If not, your competition is probably taking new business away from you!

How do I get my business on page 1 of Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)? Well, there is about 100 factors that come into play. But in the short of it, a well-designed and optimized website.  Utilizing keywords, Headings, Titles, Images is a good start, but will not garner the results needed to stay on top of SERPs.   This is where Content is King.  It’s time to add content to your website.   Does your website have blogging functionality?  This is a great way to provide answers to your potential customers.  If your website has one page about your product or service, do you think it will do as well as your competitor who blogs on a weekly basis and has 20+ pages about the same product?  Most likely not.  By blogging, you can create content with different keywords to target more specific searches.  Google is hungry for relevant content, but first you must know what they are searching for.